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Project Dashboard Overview

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Last updated: 7th March 2023


This article explains the basics of using the Project Dashboard. The Project Dashboard gives you an overview of everything that’s happening in your project.

Project Dashboard

There are several major sections that make up the Project Dashboard.

Project Information

Project Information

The Project Information section contains the project name, industry sector, and due date and priority information. The project name can be changed by clicking and typing directly over the current project name.

Response Summary

Project Compliance

The Response Summary section contains five tiles that display information about the number of questions and compliance percentages. At a quick glance you can see the number of Incomplete Questions, questions that are Not Compliant, Partially Compliant or Compliant, or questions where compliance is Not Applicable. Click the link at the bottom of any tile to go to the questionnaire view with the relevant filter pre-selected.


Project Burndown

The Questions Remaining section contains a graph that tracks how many questions are being answered relative to time, to help you visualise your progress towards the due date on a project.

Project Activity

The Activity section contains a chart that shows how active the team has been in the project.

Question Assignments

Question Assignments

The Question Assignments section shows everyone in the project who has been assigned questions, as well as details on how many questions they’ve been assigned, how many they’ve completed, their overall completion status for the project and the time of their last activity.

Project Details

Project Details

The Project Details section displays the Description of the project, the Sales Manager and Delivery Manager, Due Date and Priority. All of these options can be changed by clicking and typing or selecting a new option from the ones provided.

Business Details

Business Details

The Business Details section contains the contact information for the primary client contact, including the name of the Business Contact, their Email, Phone number and their Industry. These details can be used to contact the client if further information is needed.


Business Outcomes

The Outcomes section contains details including the Project Value, Project Outcome, and the reasons for the outcome, which can be used to record any sentiments or details surrounding the current or final outcome of the project. You can also add Tags to the project, which can be used to filter projects when searching.

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