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Tender Response (RFx, RFP, RFQ)

Responding to tenders is challenging. They often come out of nowhere, with tight deadlines and demand lengthy proposals and questionnaires be completed to be considered.

Your team has to scramble to respond, under unrealistic time pressure and without any guarantee that they’ll be rewarded for their efforts.

Fumbling through complicated vendor documents, the work falls to one person to project manage the team and try and get something back to the client in time.

The answers often fall short and the cycle begins, back and forth between buyer and vendor, wasting time and energy.

Continue reading below to learn more about how Pearler can cut the time to respond, and seamlessly manage the process from beginning to end.

Learn 2

How does a project work?

Pearler is incredibly easy to use. 

Step 1 - Create your project and simply import the questions from a spreadsheet or document

Step 2 - Answer the questions using our amazing tools

Step 3 - Export your answers back into the spreadsheet or document.


AI powered Answer Library

Pearler has a really clever answer library.

When you answer questionnaires in Pearler, they are automatically included in your library. Whenever you're answering questions, we'll suggest the most relevant answers.

You can also import already answered questionnaires to give your team a strong start from day one.


Team work, built in

Helping your team work better together is deep in the DNA of Pearler. Here's a few of the ways that we help.


Assigning a Delivery Manager

In Pearler, you can assign a project to a specific person, making it clear to everyone who's responsible.


Assigning Questions

When there's hundreds of questions, it's easy to get lost. Pearler tracks the assignee for each question and helps everyone to get their work done, and chase up if needed.


In-depth discussions

Tracking conversations in email and chat is difficult at the best of times. When it's about a questionnaire, it's impossible.

Pearler allows your team to have in-depth discussions with their teammates on a specific question with @mentioning You can even include your teammates that aren't in Pearler through our Email Integration (not available on all plans)



Suggested answers

When you're working on a questionnaire, it pays to have our AI on your side.

When you open the question, you'll have suggested answers from your library right at your fingertips. 

Our AI reads the question and finds answers in your library based on similar questions you've answered before.

Don't like an answer anymore? Easily remove or flag them.

Have answers that you want to always have at your fingertips? Simply favorite them.


All plans include

  • AI powered answers

    We use AI to find the best answers from your library. Easy to use tools to keep your library full of great answers.

  • Real-time collaboration

    A modern, advanced approach to working together as a team. In-depth chat about specific questions, real-time notifications, and tagging.

  • Education & Knowledgebase

    Links and explanations to help your team understand what’s being asked. A growing knowledgebase that grows your team while they work. 

  • Response Analytics

    Clear insights into the quality of your responses. Know how compliant your response is, when you're strong and where you need to invest.

  • Question Assignment

    Assign questions, track their completion with confidence that questions won't be missed. Track everything.

  • Great support

    We want you to love Pearler, we're always here to answers your questions and help you!

Evolve your response

Pearler is the solution for superior management of questionnaires for RFP, RFx, Security Assessments, Audits and more